Our team at PolSource is proud to have sponsored Dreamforce 2018, the largest gathering of Salesforce customers, developers, and partners on the planet. This annual four-day event in San Francisco is a great opportunity to:

  • Learn about the latest business and technical innovations on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform
  • Network with peers
  • Give-back to those in need
  • Have fun

This year’s Dreamforce had 171,000 registered participants from all over the world, over 2,700 speaking sessions, and thousands of Salesforce developers (Trailblazers) competing in hack-a-thons and earning new certifications. Uniting this diverse mix of people in a giant act of giving back was this year’s private, annual benefit rock concert for the UCSF Children’s Hospital – with performances by Metallica and Janet Jackson! If you have never “experienced” a Dreamforce event, our PolSource team invites you to make it a must-do in 2019. If you attended this year and missed the opportunity to connect with our PolSource team, here are some of our highlights this year including client success stories, technical sessions, thought leadership sessions and giving-back events:

Client Success

We are a boutique, global systems integrator that challenges and exceeds client expectations. We take great pride in our clients’ success and we love it when our clients want to tell their success stories in their own words:


Dreamforce Technical Contributions

Did you seek help from Salesforce’s Customer Experience Centers (CEC) at this year’s Dreamforce or did you use the bot-powered self-service DFHelp Event App? Did you know that PolSource partnered with Salesforce, Google, & Amazon, to build the app and its Lightning-based, multi-channel service experience? The Customer Engagement Center’18

PolSource built the Einstein bot and combined it with Service Cloud and Live Message to provide DFHelp Event users with a personalized experience and quick resolution to their help requests. The bot we built automatically resolved 99% of the 22,000 chat-based help requests that the CEC received during DF. The automated resolution of chat cases freed-up CEC call center agents to spend more time with customers resolving more complex cases over the phone. The use of Lightning Flow shortened customer wait times and it helped guide agent resolution of customer cases. Lots of new Salesforce capabilities were used in this year’s CEC to power the end-to-end Dreamforce customer service experience. Our PolSource team enjoyed helping the Salesforce Service Cloud and CEC teams host private customer tours of the CEC and showcase its many best practices.

Dreamforce Giving Back & Awards

Have you ever heard of VetForce and The Merivis Foundation? These two organizations are dedicated to helping men and women in uniform transition to civilian life and find rewarding, and challenging Salesforce careers. Our team at PolSource is proud to have committed to hire more Merivis-VetForce graduates, receiving this year’s Hiring Partner or 2018 from VetForce. Veterans bring the life experience and professional skills that make them exceptional Salesforce consultants. If you are looking to build strong in-house Salesforce expertise in your organization, we invite you to learn more the exceptional men and women in The Merivis Foundation and VetForce Program here:


Thought Leadership Sessions & Content

PolSource hosted an expert panel at Dreamforce to a sell-out crowd on Digital Disruption, and the Future of the Automotive Industry. The session featured OEM, Dealer, and Private Equity Executives talking about the kinds of digital services that OEMs, Dealers, Suppliers, and Financiers will need to offer their customers in order to thrive through the industry’s transformation. Watch the session here.

We shared some of our deep CPG industry expertise in a Consumer Goods industry solution session at Dreamforce. Most CG companies struggle to maximize ROI/ ROMI on their Trade Promotion and Shopper Marketing spend and we highlighted how we partner with Salesforce and CPGToolBox to:

  • combine their Shopper and Trade Promotion data,
  • coordinate their Shopper and Trade offers and marketing activities in a common calendar
  • measure the success and cost of the coordinated Trade and Consumer marketing in a single dashboard

Our global Service Cloud practice is led by the same people who years ago founded Salesforce’s own Service Cloud Professional Services team, and that we excel at helping clients maximize their service transformation and drive ROI. At Dreamforce we presented Retail and CPG client case studies about creatively integrating their contact center and order management systems to:

  • shorten handle times,
  • increase CSAT,
  • grow sales and
  • increase customer retention.

We have a long track record of helping Salesforce customers understand and apply Heroku to enable their efficiency and innovation objectives? This journey begins with understanding at a business level, how Salesforce Heroku can scale your existing Salesforce applications to:

    • connect to data in your legacy systems of record
    • handle complex calculations
    • handle massive data and transaction volumes

At Dreamforce, our VP of EMEA Services used a simple metaphor and 3 client case studies to explain the growth, cost reduction and innovation capabilities of Heroku.

Our Top 10 Best Practices for Successful Salesforce Innovation Projects is sure to give you at least one useful tip to help your organization improve how it plans for, executes, and measures the success of your Salesforce initiatives. Download this short white paper here.