Consulting & Solution Design

We help enterprise leaders change how they connect and engage with customers, employees and partners to drive value. 

Focused on user journeys, we build 'smart action' applications that put insights and recommended actions in the hands of users. 

Solutions are built on Salesforce, and mobile-first by seasoned industry executives and Salesforce experts.

Delivering Solutions at Lightning Speed

Our delivery teams are Agile and swiftly bring together the right Salesforce, industry, integration and UI/UX expertise, leveraging our solution templates and accelerators to quickly and efficiently build and deploy applications that users love

As your business model changes our support teams have direct access to delivery experts that built your applications, and quickly react to business or user journey changes

Our 'Elastic CoE' and 'App Factory' services are ideal for customers adopting Salesforce broadly, and migrating or building portfolios of applications at speed. We provide frameworks for managing application backlogs and building, deploying, provisioning and supporting applications


Elastic Center of Excellence

For many Salesforce customers, optimising their Salesforce investment means the creation of a Centre of Excellence

Center of Excellence (CoE)
"a shared team or entity that provides leadership, governance, manages risk and is also a source of best practice, standards, training and support"

Creating this capability from scratch is complex, time consuming, and requires a wide range of resources that are not readily available, hard to retain and often expensive

Our delivery teams have a depth and breadth of expertise across the Salesforce platform, building mobile applications, and integrating to other clouds, ERP/MRP and legacy systems

We also have products and accelerators not typically available to an internal CoE which speed delivery while reducing risk and cost

Our ‘Elastic CoE’ allows you to scale the teams to support business growth and use of Salesforce. We provide the specific expertise to augment and cross-train existing teams through to delivering a joint or fully managed and assured CoE

We help you manage and steer cloud and mobile application governance, freeing your teams up to drive business innovation

Our solution offers:

• Dedicated and secured environments as required

• Certified teams with cross-cloud expertise to support surges

• Agile product development, service and support processes

• Cost effective support lowering TCO

• Proven best practices


App Factory

For customers adopting Salesforce broadly, migrating legacy applications, or driving transformation with apps on Salesforce, we offer an App Factory service to make the process faster and reduce cost to build, deploy and manage the portfolio

We have delivered many of the largest adoptions of Salesforce, often with complex architecture requirements, and we know how to build, integrate and deliver applications effectively and at speed

Working with your business teams we can quickly evaluate and prioritise application backlogs by speed to deliver, cost to deliver, and impact on the business


Project Recovery

When projects don't go as planned, and you want to review how to quickly get back on track, and effectively manage cost of change. We will quickly review and recommend the changes required to bring your project to a successful delivery

Mobile first application design and build

We design and build mobile applications that connect people, data and product at just the right moments or based on location, putting smart actions in users' hands

Our experts in journey design work closely with UI/UX designers and engineers to quickly build applications users love to use

Our applications are built on Salesforce, native or hybrid. We build with Salesforce1, Lightning and the latest mobile toolsets including AngularJS, Ionic and Sencha

Products fully integrated to Salesforce

Our products are mobile-first applications that are immediately deployable, fully supported and highly configurable by industry

PolSource Mobile Sales (PSMS)

PolSource Mobile Sales (PSMS) is an application specifically designed for field sales teams

  • Present product and company information on iPads
  • Generate proposals and capture orders
  • Capture and track key customer and product information
  • Fully offline for roaming or poor signal areas
  • Secure data control and rich administrator features
  • Built for iPads as a fully native application
  • Integration and synchronisation to Salesforce
  • Industry templates available for Component Resellers, Consumer Product, and Automotive Dealer Services

Supplier Collaboration System (SCS)

Aggressive global procurement, and outsourced production saves labor costs, but also delivers complexity, quality issues, logistics issues and a lack of supply chain visibility

Companies and suppliers need better tools to communicate, track progress and collaborate on work orders across the world and with many related parties

Our Supplier Collaboration System is a rapidly deploable cloud application that allows customers to collaborate with suppliers and track performance, from procurement to outsourced production, to delivery. All on a single platform

We are fully integrated to ERP and MRP systems protecting past IT investment