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Why PolSource?

Salesforce Partner in the USA, UK and Europe

Lead by executives who used cloud and mobile platforms to transform their own businesses

Design, delivery, implementation and driving adoption of cloud solutions

Products, accelerators, and industry templates to deliver solutions faster

We deliver solutions that drive 'smart actions' based on user journeys, key moments and insights

What we do

PolSource operates four core business groups to help customers quickly move from idea to success 


We design engaging solutions that drive value by putting insights and 'smart actions' in the hands of customers, employees and partners

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Delivery & CoE

Our global delivery hubs, Elastic CoE and industry accelerators allow us to deliver and support solutions faster, with lower risk & cost

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Mobile Apps

We design and build mobile applications that connect people, data and products putting insights and actions in users' hands


We provide products that make Field Sales and Supplier Collaboration easy, integrating to Salesforce and ERP platforms

Our Customers

We are proud to deliver solutions for many of the top global brands including

We found PolSource to be highly skilled, motivated and dedicated. Any organization would significantly benefit from their software development prowess, technology and product offerings.
— F&I Express/ITI
PolSource delivered high quality products and outstanding service to our business in breakthrough cycle time
— Advent Resources
A massive thank you to you for all you help and excellent work. I have been incredibly impressed throughout this whole project.
— Taylor & Francis Group
The dedicated efforts of your team ensured delivery of this project in a timely manner. This is the benchmark for projects!
— Allergan

Our Story

Founded and run by industry leaders and software executives from companies like Black & Decker, ADP and Apriso

In 2008 we started working with Salesforce partner Model Metrics, building solutions and mobile apps on Salesforce

When Model Metrics became part of Salesforce, we continued to deliver ever bolder projects for customers across the world 

Today we have consulting teams in the USA, Europe and the UK, with delivery 'Centers of Excellence' across Poland

We are putting actionable insights into the hands of customers and employees to change the way they buy and work

We are accelerating sustainable business change with our 'Elastic CoE' model for Salesforce, cloud and mobile solutions

Our Team


Our executive team includes CEOs & CIOs of large enterprise, software companies and global technology consultancies. We have personally changed the way our own businesses work with Salesforce, cloud and mobile applications. We understand how to deliver business change fast, while lowering risk and cost


Our delivery professionals coming from many of the top universities across Europe and the USA. They are smart, inquisitive and motivated to succeed. With skills and certified experts in Salesforce, mobile development, UX/UI and integration to all major ERP/MRP platforms we assemble exactly the right teams and skills to deliver projects, and our CoE teams can call upon exactly the right skills as needed. Many of our delivery team also have expertise in traditional "on-premise" platforms and development languages making application migration and extension faster


Our mobile teams are experts in journey design who pride themselves on not just how good an app looks, but how engaged the users become when using it. Our teams focus on the moments in each user's journey and how to deliver the right insights to make informed decisions and take actions


Our product engineers are experienced in building enterprise-grade applications that are easy to adopt, manage and scale. The team are building on and integrating to Salesforce as well as cloud and ERP/MRP platforms . They make our products easy to configure, with scaleable architecture which allows our customers to quickly adapt and deploy our solutions as their own to large user bases 

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CSAT Score


This is our year to date average CSAT score (0-10)

We survey every customer after delivery of a project to understand how our teams engaged, how timely we delivered, how cost effective we were and the quality of the final solution

This is the most important metric in our business, and one our team members are obsessive about